High Tower

Leather program


- Quality ControlHightower Leather has perfected the tanning process over the past 75 years. ISO 9000/9001 certified. 
- Environmental Leader. Hightower Ecosoft is tanned with a chrome free process. $7 million invested in water treatment improvements.
- International Performance. Hightower Leather has earned a reputation as the leading International tannery serving the most demanding clients. 
Prompt Delivery.Hightower Leather delivers within 4 - 7 business days to any point in North America. Extensive inventory is stocked on all colors. 
Experienced Partners. Hightower Group sales associates have decades of experience working on complex commercial and residential projects.

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  • EcoSoft: a soft and pliable Semi-Analine leather. Outstanding comfort combined with excellent durability and an extensive colorway makes it very suitable for public environments. Visible insect-bites and scars from healed wounds add to the elegant quality of the leather. 

  • Download Ecosoft Colorway
  • Avenda: has a sturdy structure and distinct character. It is a Semi-Analine leather with an extensive colorway. The leather is durable and suitable for public areas. Visible insect-bites and scars from healing wounds add to the elegant character of the leather.

  • Download Avenda Colorway
  • Madrona: has a grain which varies in structure and offers outstanding comfort. It is an Analine leather with all the distinct features of a natural hide.

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