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Over the years when we tell people why HighTower was started, we talk about the vision; a vision for how things COULD be done. We had seen first hand how the big guys did it and if we were going to build something from scratch we wanted to rethink everything we thought we knew about contract furniture companies.

One of our primary goals was to be a platform for young up and coming designers, who were working on exciting new designs that were relevant to the way people are working NOW and to give interior designers and architects a resource for products that weren't overexposed and allowed them to put their personal signature on the spaces they're working on. 

Oh.. And we were going to do this as a family, a father and his two daughters, starting a business together, merging decades of expertise of how things have been done with an excitement for what might be possible, new ways of thinking, new ways of working.. and as anyone who has been involved in a family business knows, your work quickly becomes your heart and your life.. and the topic of every holiday dinner. 

But there is something else that makes our company special and is a key component of our success... the team of people behind us. We set out to hire only nice people, and to create a team that people enjoyed working with, both internally and for our clients. 

6 years later we are so proud of the team we have working with us and we're excited to get to share a behind the scenes look with you into our company, our philosophies, and what our team is up to so you can get to know us better! Check back often.. we have lots of exciting new things up our sleeves. 

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Posted by Rachel Hartkopf
Kansas City
June 6